Web Development and Virtual Worlds

High Fidelity

Hifi is a multi-user "Fully Immersive" 3D Virtual environment designed to employ the latest human body interface systems for controlling Avatars inside virtual worlds

The display is best experienced using the Oculus Rift or similar head mounted display. Objects are manipulated with Razor Hydra or Leap Motion hand controllers and gloves

High Fidelity has been developing in Alpha since early 2013.

The beta release of Hifi will give users the ability to create their own virtual world on their computer. It will also allow super users and corporations to create a presence in the Metaverse by deploying professionally hosted and managed domains, which allow your virtual environments to be accessible to the public

Lets 3D offer full Virtual World management service. Content creation thru inworld design and off-world 3d modeling (architectural and organic) including texture design. Javascript coding.